• DC Cow Horse Gear Cutting Saddle 15 3/4" with Floral and Dog Bone Tooling, custom conchos, and Don Orrell Custom Stirrups


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    DC Cow Horse Gear 15 3/4" Cutting Saddle with Floral and Dog Bone Tooling, Buck stitch, Custom Sterling / Rust Iron Conchos and Don Orrell Stirrups

    The DC Cow Horse Gear Cutting Saddle features new styling designed to optimize fit, feel, and performance for you and your horse.

    The bar is designed to give complete contact across the horse’s back, which disperses the rider’s weight across a wider area. The gullet is flared to relieve pressure in the horse’s shoulders and wither while performing the turns required in modern performance events. This combination allows your horse to execute maneuvers with the highest degree of freedom and comfort possible.

    For the rider, the seat is designed with a deep pocket, forward set fenders and leathers, and a slightly higher, more slender, pistol grip horn. These subtle changes allow the rider to maintain proper seat position, with the ultimate comfort and feel, without restriction of movement. In short, this saddle will keep you where you need to be, but stay out of your way and allow you to get your legs where you need them to cue your horse.


    Gullet- 6 ¼”

    Swell- 13”

    Cantle- 3”

    Horn- 4” with a 1 ¼” Cap

    Skirts- 28 ½” X 15 ½”

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Dennis Connor-615-796-5749